Pastor Kidnapped by Local Gang in Myanmar Still Missing

02/01/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Gospel for Asia (GFA), a ministry that has been serving the least of these in Asia since 1979, has issued an urgent prayer appeal on behalf of one of its field-partner workers who was abducted at gunpoint in Myanmar.

On January 19, five people forced Pastor Tun Nu to leave his home at gunpoint in the country’s western Sittwe District in Rakhine State. Pastor Tun Nu has been serving this troublesome area with one of GFA’s field partners. The kidnappers told Pastor Tun that their leader, who is part of an armed rebel group, wanted to question him.

The incident was reported to local officials who have not been able to locate him. Pastor Tun’s wife, local church members, and regional church leaders have been unsuccessful in determining his whereabouts.

A local pastor who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons told ICC, “Pastor Tun’s family doesn’t know where to look for him. People in the area are too scared to look for him. We have already checked with the army and police, yet they do not know where he is as well. And we have not received any help in searching for him. There is indeed little hope for him.”

The founder of GFA, Dr. K.P. Yohannan, said, “We are extremely concerned for Pastor Tun’s safety, and we appeal to Christians around the world to join us in praying for his release without harm.”

“Please pray earnestly for peace and strength for Pastor Tun, wherever he may be, and for comfort for his family and church members,” he added. “And we are also praying for those who have taken him, that God will touch their hearts and reveal his love to them, and cause them to release Pastor Tun.”

As of January 26, GFA has not received any requests for money or ransom.

“We are also praying for those who have taken him, that God will touch their hearts and reveal his love to them, and cause them to release Pastor Tun.”

The 41-year-old pastor is married with three children, and leads a church of approximately 50 members. He has been serving in Myanmar for 20 years where he has led hundreds of people to Christ and established many churches. He currently disciples 12 fellowships of believers.

Pastor Tun’s wife and three children are in shock during this desperate time. Due to an imposed curfew in this region of Myanmar, GFA-supported field correspondents have been unable to reach the family.

Rakhine State has been featured numerous times in international media over the past few years, given the ongoing conflicts between ethnic rebel forces and the Burmese army that have displaced tens of thousands of Muslim-majority Rohingyas. However, many have overlook how the situation has affected Christians in the region.

Local Christ-followers, especially missionaries, live a challenging life, due to the hostilities they face. Many face discrimination from their neighbors, and have to live in rural areas in order to avoid persecution. While Pastor Tun serves in this state, no motive for his abduction has surfaced yet.

Since his abduction, many believers across this region have been interceding on behalf of him in continuous prayer. GFA also shared several prayer requests, asking people to pray for Pastor Tun:

  1. Pray for God’s protection over his life and well-being.
  2. Pray that Pastor Tun will be found soon.
  3. Pray for the kidnappers’ hearts to change and for them to set the pastor free.
  4. Pray for God’s comfort for Pastor Tun’s family and church members at this time.

Please join us in praying for this brother in Christ during his time of need.