30 Students Freed After 7 Months in Captivity

01/09/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Thirty more students have been released from captivity seven months after their abduction from Nigeria’s Federal Government College in Kebbi state.

“This is the third batch of Kebbi students freed since their abduction seven months ago, the previous group of 30 brought home in October,” wrote the Washington Post.

“Local authorities and freed hostages have told The Associated Press that the students are often freed in batches and not all at once because each release comes with fresh ransoms.”

Roughly 100 gunmen attacked the college back in June, killing a police officer and injuring two students. One student was also killed days later during an attempted rescue mission.

The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, whose name loosely means “Western education is forbidden,” established the pattern of kidnapping school children in Nigeria for ransom in 2014 when the group abducted 276 mostly Christian girls from a school in Chibok. 2021 saw several large-scale kidnappings as armed groups realize its effectiveness in raising cash through the extortion of parents or state governments for ransom money.

Please pray for the safe return of all who have been kidnapped. Pray for their captors, that their hearts would be softened, and that they will experience the love of Christ that leads to true repentance and salvation.