ICC Helps a Malaysian Couple Thrown Out for their Faith

09/05/2021 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – Islam is the official religion of the multiracial Malaysia, although people are generally allowed to practice other religions. For ethnic Malays, however, they are banned from leaving Islam and face consequences when they do.

Aadam and his wife Kasih are one of the many Muslim-background believers who face hardships due to their decision to follow Christ four years ago. A young couple with a passion to serve people, they have been persecuted by family members and the community as they lead a few house churches with dozens of believers.

Aadam has been working as a lorry driver to provide for his family. He and Kasih have been living with their parents since the COVID-19 lockdown began in March of 2020. The couple and their toddler son and newborn baby were thrown out of their house once their faith in Christ was discovered. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Aadam was not able to work or drive the lorry. The lorry was also deemed not roadworthy by the Road Transport Department at the end of last year.

The couple needed a house to stay and the only means of income which is the lorry he owns to be roadworthy again. ICC stepped in to assist this couple by providing a house rental and repair for his lorry, as well as two months of groceries.

Kasih was so emotional and could not stop tearing up while thanking the team for helping her family. She mentioned that they had approached close to 25 friends and other family members for help, yet no one was able to support them since they are in a similar predicament.

Aadam tried borrowing money from moneylenders, but the Holy Spirit kept saying no and told him to reach out for help with his leader. They were afraid at first as this is the first time they are asking for monetary help. But he trusted that God would open a door. With the help of our local partner, ICC came to the rescue.

Please pray that the couple will continue to be the light and salt in their community and be bold as they witness to their Muslim friends and neighbors.

*Name changed for security reasons.