Conversion to Christianity Cost Couple Everything

05/15/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – On January 25, 2021, Ganga Padiama, age 35, fell from a palm tree in Kalimela, Odisha, breaking his hip. Ganga’s wife rushed him to a hospital in Andhra Pradesh where he was admitted. 

A few days later, the doctor said Ganga needed surgery to heal his hip and backbone. Unfortunately, they could never afford the cost of the surgery and the hospital discharged him. 

Ganga and his wife prayed to all their gods and goddesses, sought the help of witch doctors, and invited other spiritual advisors to their home, but Ganga could not be healed. In desperation, the couple decided to call Pastor Samuel, a local pastor in Kalimela, for prayer. Pastor Samuel visited their home and laid his hand on her husband and prayed for him. The couple became Christian believers that night. 

The villagers and family became angry when they discovered a Christian pastor prayed over Ganga. “Since you allowed a Christian pastor to enter your house, touch you and your husband, you have lost your religious value and dignity,” the village members said. “Now you no longer belong to this village and our community. We do not want to have any relation with your family.” 

In the face of this challenge, the couple left the village and moved into the jungle not far from their town. Ganga’s wife built a small hut with coconut leaves and made do with what they had. She is the sole provider and cannot earn enough to take care of them both properly.

Despite their circumstances, “Jesus sustains us,” Ganga said. 

After weeks of praying, Ganga recovered his strength by 40% without medical aid. Ganga’s wife believes Jesus will completely heal her husband. They have committed their lives to rely on Jesus forever.