Christians demand explanations from the Ministry of Health regarding the appearance of the “unknown” option in the gender column in the forms

Christian movement “All Together!” sent a request to the Minister of Health of Ukraine Maksym Stepanov with a request to explain what the option “unknown” means in the column about gender, which is contained in the referral form for laboratory testing for COVID-19.

The response was sent by Deputy Acting General Director of the State Institution “Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” Olena Nesterova. In the letter, the Center noted that the category “unknown” is used in cases where it is impossible to determine the gender of the deceased person.

“Organization of medical care for patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the line where gender is indicated, the category “unknown” is included for those cases when biological material is taken from people whose gender could not be determined,” the letter says.

In turn, the movement “All Together!”, which defends Christian and pro-family values, sent a request to the Ministry of Health with a request to indicate which regulatory legal acts contain an exhaustive list of cases when the gender of a person can be indicated in the category “unknown”. In the request, the movement also noted that such a list should be exclusive and clearly regulated.

Attempts to introduce an unknown third gender in the Ministry of Health have been made repeatedly. In 2017, the draft “Declaration on Choice of a Primary Health Care Physicians” was submitted for public discussion, which contained three variants of “M/W/U”. Then Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health Pavlo Kovtonyuk told the movement that under public pressure, an unknown third gender was removed from the documents of the Ministry of Health. Currently, the documents proposed by the Ministry of Health contain three options for determining gender.