Nineveh De-miner’s Death Signals Christians Still Unsafe to Return

01/17/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator announced on January 10 that a humanitarian de-miner was killed in an explosion on January 7 in Nineveh Governorate. The aid worker worked with a demining group for six years.

The work to clear mines is an effort towards recovery after years of conflict and ISIS influence. Nineveh in specific is historically a breeding ground of conflict, particularly impacting Christians and Yazidis. The current leader of ISIS, Amir Mohammed Said Abdal-Rahman Al-Mawla, originates from Nineveh himself and is responsible for religious rulings that targeted these minorities. His radical ideology was born and breed in the governorate.

Displaced Christians experienced the ruthlessness of ISIS and its affiliate ideologies, though they desire to return to their homeland. Security efforts like clearing landmines generally support recovery for the region, but many root issues remain. Until extremism can be addressed and physical safety can be assured, it is unlikely for these Christians to be able to return home.