At least 121 Christians dead in spate of savage Fulani militant attacks in Nigeria

In a spate of Fulani militant attacks in July on predominantly Christian villages in southern Kaduna State, Nigeria, at least 121 people were killed and thousands displaced.

The spree of bloodshed began on 10 July with a three-day onslaught on the Chibob farming community in Gora ward that left 22 dead. Then Fulani militants struck in attacks in Kauru local government area that saw at least 38 murdered in Kagoro town in the week of 19 July, with 32 killed in Kukum Daji and Gora Gan in separate attacks.

A burnt out village after a Fulani militant attack. The relentless murderous attacks on Christian communities in Kaduna state since 2019 are reaching “genocidal” levels, according to Church leaders

On 22 July, armed with knives and machetes, Fulani militants broke into homes in the mainly-Christian village of Kizachi, southern Kaduna State, murdering three children and two young people.

Those killed in Kizachi were:

  • Kefas Monday, 17
  • Lydia Monday, 14
  • Jummai, 9 
  • Giwa Thomas, 14
  • Living Yohanna, 27

In a horrific night attack during a torrential rain storm on 23 July, at least seven Christians died in Doka Avong Village, Kaduna State, as militants brutally hacked unarmed men and women and children to death with machetes.

This was the second attack on the village within days, with seven murdered in an attack days earlier on 20 July.

At the time of writing, some injured survivors remain in critical condition in hospital. Many others are reported missing. The attackers also burnt out a number of homes.

Those killed in Doka Avong were:

  • John Mallam, 80
  • Albarka Mallam, 85
  • Jumare Sule, 76
  • Hannatu Garba, 55
  • Thaddeus Albarka, 32
  • Luvinus Danmori, 52  
  • Daniel Mukadas, 70

On 24 July, in the town of Zipak also in Kaduna State, at least ten Christians died, ranging from five-years-old to 75, in a Fulani militant attack. The militants’ spree of looting, vandalism and arson concluded with the brutal murders, despite the presence of army, police and paramilitary units stationed just a mile away.

Those killed in Zipak were:

  • Joel Cephas, 5
  • Kingsley Raphael, 28
  • Katung Kantiock, 60
  • Luka Garba, 75
  • Victor Ishaya, 22
  • Madam Dakaci, 52
  • Kuyet Yayock, 25
  • Cecelia Audu, 65
  • Matina Dauda, 70
  • Yanasan Dauda, 70

A curfew was imposed across Jemma Local Government Area after the Zipak raid. But the Fulani militants returned on 25 July to terrorise the shocked community as it mourned those murdered the previous day.

Barnabas Fund,