11-Year-Old Christian Boy Beaten by Muslim Businessman in Pakistan

07/11/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On July 1, an 11-year-old young Christian named Musa, was brutally beaten by a Muslim businessman in Pakistan. This happened after Musa was left with the business man as a guarantee for a LCD TV that was stolen from the shop.

Asharaf Masih, Musa’s father, stated in an FIR that, “My son went to the market where a stranger kidnapped him by convincing him that his parents were waiting for him at a LCD TV shop. The kidnapper then took Musa to an electronic shop.

The kidnapper took an LCD TV and left Musa with the shopkeeper as a guarantee that he would return to pay for the LCD TV,” Masih continued. “After a long time, the shopkeeper started abusing and beating Musa.”

The businessman got aggressive after Musa told him that he did not know the man and was forced to join him when he was on the street. “The shop owners beat Musa brutally,” Masih told International Christian Concern (ICC). “His body still has the marks of brutal torture.

Musa’s family reported the case to the local police. However, Masih told ICC that he is not receiving an encouraging response from the police. “I am a poor person and have no means to go into long confusing legal matters,” Masih told ICC. “Therefore, the administration must do justice for me.”