Fulani Militants Attacked the Village of Hukke, Plateau State Again

08/26/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Whether or not you believe that the conflict in the Middle Belt of Nigeria is a herder-farmer fight, ethnic strife, or religious battle, it is clear that the government in Nigeria does not care about stopping it. Around 1 pm on 18 August, a group of Christian farmers were returning home from a communal farm on which they were working. They were then ambushed by Fulani militants. Two of the men were killed while the other three, Mamman Bulus, Akure Joseph and Giu Zito, escaped with gunshot wounds. These three are now in the hospital receiving medical care.

Mamman, Akure and Giu will all now have to live with the memory and injuries that they sustained that day. Akure will also have to receive further treatment as the bullet broke his shoulder. These kinds of injuries often make it so that these men will not be able to work their farms for a long time, if they even have the courage to return to them.

Hukke village is in Miango district of Plateau state near the capital of the State, Jos. This are has suffered from these attack since 2001 when riots broke out, and hundreds were killed. Hukke, and its nearby neighboring village Ancha, have suffered nearly a dozen attacks in the past two years that have left dozens dead and many more wounded. Despite these continual attacks, the government in Nigeria does not protect these people or allow them to protect themselves. If the government in Nigeria does not stop these kind of repeating attacks soon, they could be in for far more violence in the future.