Pakistan: Punjab State Council Member spoke about how he heard about Jesus

Christian from Pakistan told how he has become a pastor and his family has been healed due to ministry of Manmin Central Church.

Haroon Imran Gill, 37, Punjab State Council Member in Pakistan said that he came to know about God and Manmin Central Church through his father, Rev. Wilson John Gil, when he was 11.

«In 2000, Pakistan United Crusade was held in Lahore, Pakistan. I managed 500 young volunteers for the crusade. It was an unprecedented crusade in Pakistan with numerous signs and wonders manifested», – says minister. – «There was also a great revival in Pakistan. The gospel was spread rapidly, and people listened to sermons on Isaac TV. Many couples received blessing of conception through the prayer. There is a Muslim woman who testified she was healed of her heart disease in her dream». 

Later, according to young man, he graduated from Holiness Theological Seminary of Pakistan and was ordained as a pastor. He finished Manmin International Seminary course through Internet as well. In 2018, he became a council member of Punjab state, the most populous state in Pakistan.

The minister remembered that in July of 2018, his mother had heart pain and difficulty in breathing when she lost consciousness. Both her kidneys were failing and water filled her lung. The diagnosis was kidney failure and heart disease. The doctor said she’d die within 24 hours. They had to start dialysis immediately. 

«My father, Rev. Wilson John Gill, sent an email to Manmin Church to receive prayer. My mother received this prayer and was healed, and she no longer had to get the dialysis. Hallelujah!» – said pastor.

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