Stephen Baldwin, Burt Young and Tina Louise Star in Newly Released Faith-Based Family Drama ‘Tapestry’

A film with a lot of heart. Stephen Baldwin plays Ryan Goodwin, a regular middle-aged man with problems at his job, in his marriage and with his other family relationships. When he hits rock bottom, the love of his father (Burt Young) and the spirituality of his mother (Tina Louise) set him on a course for redemption. Distributor: Bridgestone Multimedia TAPESTRY is now available on Comcast (Xfinity on Demand). Just one more way to watch the faith-based drama starring Stephen Baldwin, Tina Louise and Burt Young.  Also available on Amazon Prime as well as

The 90-minute drama is available on Amazon Prime, Xfinity on Demand and Christian Cinema. Run Time: 91 minutesGenre: Faith-Based dramaStarring: Stephen Baldwin, Burt Young, Tina LouiseDirected by: Ken KushnerScreenplay by: Rob DePalo & Ken Kushner A heartfelt family drama with Stephen Baldwin as the bitter Ryan Goodwin, a man whose life is falling apart. His parents (played by veterans Tina Louise and Burt Young) do all they can to set their troubled son on a course for recovery but perhaps the real answer lie in the Tapestry of life and the role God has in all our lives.