Praying Christians forced to burn own Bibles by extremist gang in India

Four Christians were forced to burn their own Bibles by a mob of violent extremists who burst into their home prayer meeting in meeting in Hosur, Tamil Nadu state, India, according to reports.

The peaceful worshippers, including an ill 16-year-old, were pushed down a staircase and dragged out into the middle of the road by the gang of about 15 men on 19 March.

The attackers roughed up the Christians and made a bonfire out of all the Bibles and Christian literature they found in the house and in a bag belonging to one of the worshippers.

As a final insult, the gang of single-minded thugs forced the Christians to set fire to their own Bibles.

 “It is worrying to see that such groups freely intrude homes, question one’s belief and seize articles of worship, including Bibles, and desecrate them,” said Nehemiah Christie of the Synod of Pentecostal Churches in Tamil Nadu. He added, “Any Christian gatherings are now at risk of being interrupted.”

Barnabas Fund,