Cameroonian Christians Suffer Under Military Conflict

3/31/19 Cameroon (International Christian Concern)- For nearly the past three years, Christians in Cameroon have suffered under an escalating conflict of linguistic divides. English speaking Cameroonians were forcibly established as second-class citizens by the majority French speaking government. More than 2,000 Cameroonians have “disappeared” or been killed since the onslaught of the conflict, with claims that entire villages have been erased.

Though not religious by nature, many churches and congregations have suffered as a result. ICC is quoted by Fox News as saying “when churches attempt to mediate or assist members of one side of the crisis, they become targets for those on the other side of the conflict. And in the midst of violence, Christian institutions have been figuratively caught in the crossfire of conflict.”

Nearly 53% of the population identifies as Christian, comprised of both English and French speakers. Congregations have lost pastors who have either been fled or killed while the military took over four churches in late 2018 and turned them into military barracks.

Hostages have been taken from Christian schools and hospitals since the conflict began. In November of 2018 there were 80 hostages taken from a Presbyterian school who were finally released after weeks of being held.