Suspected Fulani Militants Kill 16 in Benue State Community

02/23/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – During an attack on the Agatu community of Ebete, 16 people were killed and many others were injured by gunmen believed to be Fulani Militants. The attack took place at about 1 a.m. on Wednesday, February 20. Being this late at night, the community were all sleeping when they woke to gunfire and burning buildings.

The attack was reported by a local whose father and siblings were killed, according to The Punch Nigeria. The local, a man named Daddy Seni, said that he was away fishing when the attack was taking place. He knew of the attack because his father called him and said that he had been shot. After quickly returning to the village, Daddy Seni found his father lying where he had been shot, gasping for breath. Daddy was unable to get his father to the hospital in time, but called his local councilors to tell them of the attack.

This is one of the first attacks that have taken place in Benue state in almost a year. In November 2017, the state instituted a new Anti-Open Grazing Bill that stopped Fulani herders from grazing their cattle anywhere they wanted. Though there were some major attacks shortly after the bill became law, by the middle of 2018, there were almost no attacks in the state. The attacks shifted to the north in Nassarawa and Plateau States.