Iranian Intelligence Arrest 2 Christian Converts

02/03/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Sina Moloudian and Ismaeil Maghrabinejad, two Christians who converted from Islam, were recently arrested by Iranian intelligence authorities.

Sina is a young adult living in Isfahan, a city located in central Iran. The Intelligence Ministry raided his home without a warrant on January 23rd, arresting Sina in front of his parents. While searching his home, authorities confiscated his electronics and a number of Christian materials, including a Bible and a cross. Witnesses report that the authorities drug him out of his home and his face showed evidence of bruising. He is being held in Dastgerd Prison.

Ismaeil converted to Christianity shortly after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Since that time, he has experienced significant persecution on account of his Christian faith, including an attempt on his life. He was arrested by the Intelligence Ministry on January 25th. The authorities also confiscated his electronics and Christian materials. He has since been released on bail. His case is pending in Shiraz, which is in Southern Iran.

Iran has significantly increased its persecution of Christians within the last three months. The fate of several Christians arrested by the Intelligence Ministry over this period remains unknown. We must continue to keep Iranian Christians in our prayers as they face record levels of persecutions.