Tribal Movement in India Joins Hindu Radicals to Persecute Christians

A tribal movement, Advasi Ho Samaj, under the influence of Hindu extremists persuaded villagers that they must drive Christian families out of their village in India’s Jharkhand state.

When five Christian families left home to attend a worship service four miles away, fellow villagers demolished the home of Sidiu Bari’s family. Throwing away clothes, utensils and taking the money found inside left the family with nothing. Even after taking so much, the villagers continued to verbally abuse the Christians in the village and threatened seize their land.

Facing intense persecution, influenced by extremists trying to halt the spread of Christianity, three of the five families had converted back to the tribal religion.

Pastors and Christians in neighboring villages continue to encourage the families in these villages to stay strong in their faith during these incredibly challenging times.

As Christians continue to suffer persecution, the situation has only become worse in Jharkhand since Ho Samaj joined with the Hindu extremist group, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, to eradicate the presence of Christianity.

International Christian Concern,