Manmin Summer Retreat 2018: The Holy Spirit works all Around The World

Many people who participated Manmin Summer Retreat, which was held in Deogyusan Resort in Muju on August 6, 2018, via GCN experienced the Holy Spirit’s works transcending space and time as well as the people in the retreat venue. When Rev. Soojin Lee, President of Pastors’ Association prayed for the sick on the stage in Muju, many powerful works occurred all around the world.

Debora is attending Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church in Kenya. Her brother was dying due to the late stage of AIDS and tuberculosis. But after he received the prayer, he was strengthened, regained his appetite, and even attended Sunday Morning Service in the church on the following Sunday. Hishigt, age 52, received the prayer in Mongolia, and recovered better eyesight and no longer needed glasses to read books. She was also freed from pain in her toes caused by diabetes.

Roshni Devi, 62, in Delhi Manmin Church, India stated, “I had pain in my knees and they were swollen. I often received shots of a painkiller, but the pain came back soon. I started to prepare for the retreat by fasting, praying, and listening to Senior Pastor’s sermon ‘The Message of the Cross.’ After the prayer at the retreat, my knee pain and swelling were all gone!”

Posted by GCN on Friday, August 10, 2018

Annal, 79, in Madurai Manmin Church, India said the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon her whole body. She was then released from the pain and swelling in her right leg that had been fractured before. Mayavelru, 34, in Chennai Manmin Church, India was healed of spinal fracture. Many other members experienced the power of God as well.

The work transcending space and time also happened to deaf members in other countries. Kanchana Srimee, 32, in Chiang Mai Manmin Church for the Deaf in Thailand, felt a stabbing pain in her right ear and then the ear opened and she could hear. Pascal Pawlikowski, 50, in France came to hear a lot better through both ears, and Premla RajaGopal, 40, in Malaysia was able to hear better through her right ear.

Posted by GCN on Friday, August 10, 2018

Senior Deaconess Nagashima Keiko, 47, in Tabata Manmin Church in Tokyo, Japan felt a stabbing pain in her tonsils. Afterwards she received healing. Queenie Ancero, 22, of Cebu Manmin Church in the Philippines finally got a job after the prayer. Many other people testified their hearts’ desires were fulfilled.

Honorary Senior Deaconess Kyosun Kim, 81, Parish 5, of Manmin Central Church could not go to the retreat venue because she suffered seriously from dizziness due to her low blood pressure. When she joined the retreat via GCN at home and received the prayer, dizziness was gone and her blood pressure went up to 117. She is now able to freely go out.

Let’s give all thanks and glory to God who proved the authenticity of the Bible by showing us His great works.

Posted by GCN on Friday, August 10, 2018

Manmin Summer Retreat 2018 was attended by people from 25 countries. Among them there were bishops and pastors from St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Western Ural in Russia. They did not miss any event including the Seminar, Athletic Meet, and Campfire Praise & Worship. Meantime, they all experienced and felt the love and power of God in happiness.

Pastor Aleksandr Samonov, Bishop of The Association of Christian Churches of the Kaliningrad Diocese:

“It was very hot in Seoul, but it was cool and refreshing at the retreat venue. It was an amazing wonder. The church’s organizational strengths were outstanding, and the members served and loved each other. I could feel how well they are united in the Lord.”

Pastor Vladimir Osipov, Chairman of United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ, Russia:

“Manmin is a vital element of this world because the church members show what true love for God is like. The retreat was a spiritual festival, and we were filled with happiness and joy. It was an opportunity for us to experience heavenly happiness on the earth. It was my most joyful moment in 2018.”

Pastor Valerii Trenogin, Bishop of The Association of Christian Churches of Western Ural Mission:

“I am very glad to be here at this grace-filled festivity. I am happy to see the church members enjoying it with happiness. I loved the retreat very much. I received much grace especially when I praised the Lord of the cross during Campfire Praise & Worship.”

Pastor Leonid Artyuh, Kaliningrad New Start Church:

“I felt the Holy Spirit’s work and grace throughout the retreat. I felt happy to see the church members who love and serve God sincerely. I saw many miracles happening. I was awe-struck by the fact that I was in the middle of the scene where people testified to their healing by the power of God!”

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