Catholic documentary showcases the transformative power of the Eucharist

At the heart of the Church is the Eucharist. The presence of Our Lord’s Body and Blood has the ability to transform lives in a variety of ways, and a new documentary film seeks to illustrate that.

EWTN News Nightly recently spoke with Lucia Gonzales, founder of Bosco Films, about ‘Alive’, which seeks to highlight the transformative power of the Eucharist through the lives of five people.

“It’s a very special documentary,” Gonzales said, “because it’s just people speaking about something that happened to them … how their life was before and after this moment in adoration, without knowing what was happening there, that changed their life forever.”

Gonzales described the film’s positive reception in Spain and Mexico, which took some by surprise.

“It was released exactly one year ago … in six theaters … [and] it was a huge success, ” Gonzales recounted. “[The movie] one year ago was sold out in all the seasons and in all the theaters … it was something that surprised a lot in the cinema industry because Alive doesn’t have a well-known director, it doesn’t have stars, [it didn’t have a high budget] to make it and for advertising.  It was just people speaking to one another.”

Speaking about the film’s ability to resonate with so many people, Gonzales spoke about how she felt that the pandemic ultimately made people more open to talking more about spirituality.  Additionally, the amount of continual hurt and pain that it has caused worldwide has allowed for the film’s themes to touch the hearts of its moviegoers as well.

Gonzales said it is the authenticity of the experiences in the film and how they are expressed to the moviegoer that, she believes, gives the film the heart necessary to inspire viewers.

“It’s just people speaking to you and telling you something that happens to them, ” Gonzales said, “and when you see and hear the truth, I think we can recognize it absolutely.”