State of the Easter Bombing Attacks Three Years Later

04/17/2022 Sri Lanka (International Christian Concern) – It is the third anniversary of the Easter Bombing attacks in Sri Lanka. Cardinal Ranjith of Sri Lanka has been very vocal and active in the pursuit of justice for the Church and its victims. While over 735 people were charged during the investigation, the Cardinal maintains that the government had a role in the attack. He has been to Vatican City to speak with the Pope and at the 49th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to make the world aware of this corruption and petition for international help.

Cardinal Ranjith is not the only one fighting for justice. Surini Niroshani shares the Cardinal’s beliefs about government collusion and wants to hold them accountable. She commented on the three years it has been since the attack and how the government denies involvement. “As yet another anniversary approaches, the politicians and government officials issue statements and then forget about the investigations,” She continues to speak of the disappointment, “Those including the former president, prime minister and top officials who were responsible for ignoring prior intelligence warnings on the attack have not yet received any punishments.”

We do not know what justice will look like three years later. Those in charge at the time are no longer in office, so the current government bears the weight of solving how deep the attack went before their time. The current government’s sentiment seems to be that enough has been done and that all the bad guys have been caught. This is not enough for Cardinal Ranjith and members of the Church who live in Sri Lanka where atrocious attacks can happen, and government censored justice is all they receive.

We continue to pray that true justice is served for the victims of the attack and our sympathy is with Cardinal Ranjith and the believers in Sri Lanka.