Christian Publisher Now Offers Evangelistic Material for Free

In a landmark move, Most Important Story Publications, known worldwide for the evangelistic print booklet “The Most Important Story,” has changed strategy and is offering a PDF of the MIS book in 109 languages for free download which allows users to read or print for outreach.

“The Most Important Story” is a 32 page, fully illustrated book, which tells the story of salvation, through creation, the Fall, Jesus’ birth, life, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and his promised return, ending with an invitation to become a child of God. Over 93 million copies have been distributed worldwide through churches and ministries such as Operation Mobilization and Samaritan’s Purse who utilized the MIS for 15 years with Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

“After 25 years, it’s time to offer this book for anyone and everyone to access, download, print, and distribute. We have also added a web-based version on our site for free so a user can also even read it without downloading,” says David Hunt, Founder and President of Most Important Story Publications. “We must get the Gospel out and we believe our time is short. We want to see this world evangelized and we have seen how children are both the most receptive audience and how they can play a strategic role.”

The vision is that the MIS book, which is 50% Scripture, will be used to reach children of the world through the children of the world. First piloted in Vietnam, where Hunt grew up in a missionary family, the MIS book for children was the tool to establish over 400 churches and 1,200 cell groups.

Free resources on the site include a Guidebook which explains how to conduct a localized version of this outreach method, along with the Go Kit for short term missions, free apps on any platform, and more.

George Verwer, missionary statesman and founder of Operation Mobilization says of the book and its associated material, “I’m convinced that many people will come to know the Lord Jesus through this powerful, basic Gospel story. It has been perhaps our most widely used book for children.”

MIS-Most Important Story is a print and digital evangelistic organization dedicated to “Communicating Christ In The Digital Age.” The free resources can be found at