ICC Provides Timely Food Aid to Pastor in India

07/11/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Panchuram Pradhan, age 60, serves as a church planter in the Kandhamal District of India’s Odisha state. Like countless other pastors, Pastor Pradhan faced dire circumstances because of the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

The help from ICC came at a time when everyone in the village, including my church members, were going through an intense food shortage,” Pastor Pradhan told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Even farming, which is the main source of food, was halted due to the lockdown.

On June 23, Pastor Pradhan was given food aid as a part of ICC’s COVID-19 relief in India.

Reflecting on the challenges he has faced as a church leader, Pastor Pradhan said, “Compared to what I have gone through in 2008 during the Kandhamal riots, this situation is nothing. We were in the forest without food for more than 10 days. We had to live outside of our houses for months.

During the riots, which still stand as the worst incident of Christian persecution in India’s history, Pastor Pradhan and his congregation depended on God to survive.

I have trusted God and have encouraged my flock to also trust in God,” Pastor Pradhan said. “I have seen God providing through people like ICC.

I am happy that I don’t have to think about providing food for my family for some time,” Pastor Pradhan continued. “I will be able to resume my outreach work.

Pastor Pradhan travels 15 kilometers per day sharing the Gospel in different villages. He also oversees several small Christian gatherings throughout the Kandhamal District.

I thank ICC for thinking about my family and giving us food during these difficult times of lockdown,” Pastor Pradhan concluded.