Prayers Needed for Restive Myanmar as Armed Conflicts Intensify

05/23/2021 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – As the military junta in Myanmar continues to destabilize the country by cracking down pro-democracy protesters, attacking villages in Christian-majority states, and disabling the previous ruling party, National League for Democracy (NLD), people in Myanmar need your attention and prayers.

ICC’s partner received an update from a Christian sister in Myanmar, shedding light on the grim reality faced by Burmese citizens daily. She said, “The situation is worse and we perceive that it will be terribly worsen in the near future. It is most likely we are having civil war. The civilians are disappointed with the military junta since people are facing gunshots, killing, torture with arms, and ammunitions. They arrest whoever is active in demonstration and who is involved in CDM (Civil disobedience movement).”

Most of the government institutions, factories, and companies stop operating. Many people have become jobless and are having a hard time to feed themselves. The banks ran out of cash so people are not allowed to withdraw their own money as much as they want.

Due to the persecution and killing by the Burmese Army (Tatmadaw), civilians across the country have formed the People Defense Force and fight back against the soldiers with their handmade guns which are no match for the Tatmadaw’s weaponry. The fighting is especially severe in Christian-majority Chin State: Haka, Mindat, Tiddim, and Kanpetlet. They invaded Mindat and cut off the water, so about 4000 people fled to the jungle without shelter and food.

Now Mindat, Kanpetlet, and some of the townships in Yangon are under martial law. Tatmadaw’s fighting with the other two ethnic militia groups: KIA (Kachin Independence Army) and KNIA (Karen National Liberation Army) have intensified and forced thousands to flee from their villages. In Karen state, villagers fled to the jungle and even to Thailand.

She asks Christians around the world to earnestly pray for Myanmar:

  1. For the violence, killing with arms and ammunitions to cease, including the military’s use of jet fighters and helicopters in Kachin and Karen states. Some of Generation Z went to the jungle to join KIA and KNU and are taking military training. Over 750 people including children were killed and more than 4000 were arrested.
  2. For over 4000 detainees to be released. People who were involved in demonstrations and people doing charity work are being arrested at their homes at night. Pray for their safety. Recently, the junta commanded all the ground troops to severely subdue and kill the demonstrators.
  3. For the reign of terror by the military regime for over 60 years to be eradicated.
  4. That the Federal Democracy will not discriminate racially and religiously against the ethnic groups and that there will be equal rights. Pray for divine intervention to the leaders of the nation. So that this nation will be stabilized. Myanmar needs to have peace, restructure and be re-established.
  5. Pray that a National Unity Government which is being formed will have protection and the wisdom and strategy from God. They are being sued with committing the false charge of high treason.
  6. For humanitarian aid for the refugees from the war zone. For the provisions and support for CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) and others who are in need due to the crisis.
  7. Bless those who are standing for the nations, who are supporting, praying, and helping us with everything. Speak blessings to the generation Z. Many people in the country have lost their hope, so pray for people to be encountered with the love and power of God during this time.
  8. For revival and preparation of the Churches for the harvest. Pray for revival in the country. Myanmar needs to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pray for the Church that they can do discipleship training and bring up more leaders in this time so that they can be ready for the harvest. Pray for the divine visitation in the land so that everything will be all right.

She ended the requests with a note of encouragement, “When we pray, we are connected by God through His Spirit as though we are actually there, right beside our brothers and sisters who are suffering greatly. Let us, therefore, join with them to trust the Lord for His deliverance breakthrough for Myanmar!”