‘My Heart Beats Just Like Yours’ Campaign Launched at Priests for Life

Priests for Life today launched a new campaign to highlight the humanity of children in the womb.

“My Heart Beats Just Like Yours emphasizes that an abortion doesn’t just terminate a pregnancy — it takes the life of a human being whose heart beats just like ours,” said Father Frank Pavone, National Director.

Janet Morana, Executive Director, added, “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart has long been one of the most effective messages of the pro-life movement. My Heart Beats Just Like Yours builds on that phrase by making it even more personal, particularly to a woman who might be tempted to abort the baby whose heart is beating right below her own.”

At MyHeartBeatsJustLikeYours.com visitors can see the most amazing photos of babies in the womb that were provided by the Center for Bioethical Reform. Likewise they can see video of the beating heart of a baby at 6 weeks of development.

Products for this Campaign include an informational brochure, t-shirts, buttons and stickers which can all be ordered at the site.

“Abortion advocates like to say that most abortions take place in the first trimester, as if at that stage these children are not quite human and it’s OK to end their lives,” Father Pavone said. “But at only 8 weeks of development, for example, the baby has more than 4,000 body parts routinely found in newborns and adults, and possess about 1 billion specialized cells, forming nearly all components of all body systems! It’s about time that abortion advocates ‘follow the science,’ and face the facts this campaign will unveil.”

CNW, christiannewswire.com