Greek Church Vandalized by Migrants

04/18/2021 Greece (International Christian Concern) –  A video circulating on social media shows two migrants vandalizing a Greek Orthodox Church. Though the exact location of the church and the nationality of the migrants are currently unknown, the video clearly shows the disrespect towards the place of worship and the country hosting them. The incident was reported by Greek City Times.

The church was empty at the time of the vandalism, though the church appears to be actively in use by its Orthodox congregation. The two migrants, identified as refugees on social media, broke several items and boastfully walked through the church.

In 2020, two Greek Orthodox churches in Lesvos were attacked, including two attacks on Agios Georgios. The church was restored by volunteers after the original attack and then vandalized and desecrated again in September 2020. Lesvos in particular has been hit hard by the refugee crisis in the country, with nearly a 50% increase in population size due to migrant camps.

The desecration and vandalism of Greek Orthodox churches in a historically and deeply religious country, especially when committed by migrants to the country, deeply divides the people living on the island of Lesvos.