No Justice for Turkish Christian Family 1 Year Later

03/20/2021 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  Today marks the one-year anniversary since the body of Simoni Diril, an elderly Christian woman living in Mehr, was found. Father Ramzi, a Chaldean Catholic priest in Turkey, discovered the disappearance of his elderly parents in January 2020. To date, justice has still not been served for Simoni and her husband, Hurmuz, was never found.

It is believed that Simoni and Hurmuz Diril were kidnapped from their home by PKK members. The village of Mehr previously was evacuated twice due to skirmishes between the PKK and the Turkish military. The Dirils moved back to the historically Assyrian village 10 years prior, despite the dangers.

Father Ramzi has continued to advocate for justice in his parents’ case, while also providing pastoral care for several thousand Iraqi Christian refugees in Istanbul. However, the investigation appears to be ongoing in name only and authorities have not attempted to make an effort in discovering exactly what happened. There have been several instances of mismanagement of reports and documents in the past year. Father Ramzi is seeking justice for his parents in higher appeal courts.