Volunteers, the army and the Church are most trusted in Ukraine – a survey

Ukrainians most Trust volunteers, the army and the Church. This is evidenced by the results of the KIIS survey published on Thursday, February 4.

Its data was published by “Korrespondent”.

74% of respondents trust volunteers who help the army. 66% of respondents trust volunteers who help displaced persons. 67% trust ordinary people in their locality. 66% trust the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and 52% trust the church.

At the same time, there is a significant regional specificity of trust in these institutions: the level of trust decreases from West to East (to a lesser extent, this applies to volunteers who help displaced persons). Trust in volunteers who help the army is declining from 85% in the West to 63%. In the case of the Army, a decrease is from 79% to 46%. As for the church, in the West 73% trust it, and in other regions – only 43-46% do.

Next in terms of the trust are displaced persons (41% trust them) and public organizations (39% trust them). Displaced persons and public organizations have a positive balance of trust and distrust-that is, the number of those who trust them exceeds the number of those who do not trust them.

Finally, the other eight institutions on the list have a negative balance of trust and distrust.

Thus, among respondents, distrust of the institutions of the central government (the president, parliament, government), law enforcement and judicial bodies (national police, patrol police, SBU), and the media (both Ukrainian and Russian) prevails.

In particular, 34% trust the president of Ukraine, only 14% trust the government and 12% trust the parliament. 34% of respondents trust the patrol police, 29% trust the National Police, and 27% trust the SBU. If 30% trust the Ukrainian media, then 4% trust the Russian media. In the case of institutions with a negative balance of trust and distrust, regional variability is less pronounced.

The CATI survey was conducted from December 4 to December 8, 2020. 2001 respondents were interviewed.

Recall that almost two-thirds of Ukrainians support service in Ukrainian. At the same time, six out of ten respondents support the norm in the Donbas, while only three oppose it.

It was also reported that almost two-thirds of Ukrainians are sure that COVID vaccine is required. Only 40% of Ukrainians expressed their readiness to get vaccinated, while almost half are not ready to be vaccinated.

RISU, risu.ua