100 years ago ‘Shchedryk’ revealed Ukraine to Western Europe refuting ‘Russian World’ myth

How Shchedryk had been winning Europe for Ukraine was explained on Hromadske Radio by cultural critic and marketing professional Tina Peresunko, author of the book “Simon Petliura’s cultural diplomacy: Shchedryk against the Russian World”. Mission of Oleksandr Koshytsia’s Choir (1919-1924)”.

“There are quotes from historians. That the task of the chapel was not easy. As in Western Europe, for centuries the statements had been spread about the “unity of the Russian people”, that “there was no Ukraine and there is no Ukraine”. And so the choir was supposed to show that Ukrainians are really a people who have their own separate culture. Simon Narizhny is speaking about the choir’s mission.

On January 20, 1921, a concert was held, which the Ukrainian Choir gave in the most prestigious hall in Paris, at the Champs-Elysees theater. Isadora Duncan and French General Maurice Pele signed up for a book of reviews this evening.

In 1924, the then famous author, American playwright Clay Green wrote in the San Francisco Journal»:

“They presented our country not only with the best singing that we have ever heard, but also put Ukraine on the artistic map of the world as a nation in love with music. At that time, we considered them the desolate land of wandering Cossacks and rural people.” This is about changing ideas about Ukraine at that time,” said Tina Peresunko.

RISU, risu.ua