Classic Story From the Bible, Noah and the Ark, Comes to TBN in Movie Format

TBN announces today it has secured the rights to the landmark production “NOAH” and will air it on Friday, January 29. Originally enjoyed by more than 5 million people as a live musical at Sight & Sound Theatres (Lancaster, PA and Branson, MO), the production is faithful to the Biblical account and brings history’s best-known voyage to life.

“Sight & Sound Theatres’ dramatic adaptation of the Noah’s Ark Bible story is truly remarkable,” said Matt Crouch, chairman of TBN. “We’re honored to share this entertaining — and life-changing — program with our television viewers.”

This extraordinary musical-turned-television event allows viewers to experience the incredible act of Noah building the ark along with his triumph after completing the once-thought-impossible task assigned to him by God. Hundreds of live animals were utilized in the production along with state of the art special effects, rotating sets, and beautiful music plus a cast of amazing performers.

Exclusively on TBN airing on January 29 at 8/7c and available to stream on January 29 – 31 on the TBN app!

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