ERCC Member Repeatedly Summoned by Police

12/19/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – A member from the heavily persecuted house church in Chengdu has been repeatedly summoned by the police, for they suspect that she shared posts online that are unfavorable to the government.

Liu Xiaoqiong, a member of Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), has become a target of the Gaoxin District Zhonghe police station in Sichuan’s Chengdu city. Since December 9, the two-year anniversary of the ERCC crackdown, Liu has been invited for tea by the police (which essentially means interrogation). Although she already turned down the “invitation” twice, on December 15, two officers from the police station, accompanied by the safety and security director of Qili community, appeared at her home and questioned her about articles recently posted on overseas websites.

According to China Aid, the authorities suspected that Liu had written an article circulating online about police previously being stationed at her father’s home. She told them that she had not posted the articles since she has been busy taking care of her sick husband and father with cancer, they still attempted to frame her.

A close friend of Ms. Liu, Ms. Wang, who is also ERCC member, told China Aid, “Chengdu police officers had monitored the home of Ms. Liu’s dad since November 7. Initially, they stayed there 24 hours every day to prevent him from getting baptized.”

Two years after the house church was raided by the government and their leaders arrested, the local authorities are still relentless in their oppression against the church. Please continue to keep ERCC and its members in your prayers.