Sensational treasure of Kyivan Rus times accidentally found in Zhytomyr region

32 valuable coins that were found are the first coins of Rus-Ukraine.

This was reported by the historian Oleksandr Alfyorov on Facebook, ‘Dilo’ reports.

“Sensational find! In Horodnytsia (Zhytomyr region), the transfer of the treasure consisting of silver coins of Saint Volodymyr and Svyatopolk Yaropolkovych (Yaropolk’s son) began. The total of 32 coins -these are the first coins of Rus-Ukraine.

This is a treasure of national significance! For more than 100 years, historians have not known such finds! Silver coins dating back to 1000-1019 depict the Kyivan Prince, and on the reverse side of the princely sign – the trident for Volodymyr and the two-prong for Svyatopolk,” Alfyorov wrote.

The historian noted that their find is incredibly valuable, so it should be handed over to the state.

“Late last night, friends of my friends contacted me and said that these coins were found under absolutely everyday circumstances. From the first words, we came to a mutual agreement – this find of the century should by law be transferred to the state. We need to secure this transfer because it is a precedent for all the years of independence. At the same time, the coins should not be lost “in the corridors”, but should be transferred to the Museum. With your permission, I will name this treasure for history and science as “the treasure of Horodnytsia”, said Oleksandr Alfyorov.