Catholic Faith Technologies Offers Free Online Courses in Baptism and Faith Formation

Catholic Faith Technologies wants to keep dioceses, parishes, schools, and families safe and productive during the pandemic. To serve those preventing the spread of the coronavirus by voluntarily isolating or entering quarantine, CFT is offering as many resources as possible to meet faith formation needs.
Jay Breeden, President of CFT adds, “While technology allows us to offer online learning, what we’re hearing from many parents and educators is they don’t know how to start! Our day to day business is helping dioceses, parishes, and schools to maximize engagement, faith formation, certifications, centralized communications, and more. And we can help you to achieve some of your formation and development goals now – for free. To make that process easier and supply the support you need to deliver your formation learning, we’ve created a series of resource videos to help you get started.”

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During this time, CFT is serving the faith by providing:

  • Grade School – FREE Faith and Life* courses through the generosity of Ignatius Press for those students soon celebrating Confirmation, First Communion, or enrolled in on-site religious education. Also in Spanish
  • High School – FREE Didache series courses and online materials in partnership with the Midwest Theological Forum that will allow students to continue their studies at home. Also in Spanish
  • Adult Formation – FREE Faith Foundations* courses from My Catholic Faith Delivered. Also in Spanish
  • Professional Development – We offer online courses brought to you by Catholic Distance University and network of partner dioceses, these are also available on My Catholic Faith Delivered or through your diocesan formation office.
  • For those schools already scheduled for NCEA IFG – ACRE or Adult Survey – testing, we are supporting rescheduling the assessment window or converting to the online version.
  • Baptism Matters, the new baptism-preparation program from RENEW International. Wherever you are sheltering, you will be able to view online modules for parish staff and baptism teams. Topics include baptism as initiation into a community; welcoming young parents in ways that invite them to become engaged in parish life; accommodating the diverse backgrounds and circumstances of our families; and focusing all parish activity on “mission” rather than “maintenance.”

Breeden continues, “During times like this, people turn to their faith. It is comforting and it helps to normalize their lives. To reduce disruption for students in faith formation and other others partaking in faith-based learning, we are glad to be able to provide sense of continuity through our online platform. Especially now, it’s the best way for us to continue our mission to serve the Church and we are so thankful to our partners for allowing us to bring these courses to you.”