Religious organizations in Ukraine ready to conduct services online due to coronavirus

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Oleksandr Gogilashvili addressed representatives of religious organizations on the problem of the spread and counteraction of coronavirus. This is reported by UNN that cited the telegram channel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“The threat faced by people living in Ukraine today is quite serious, but has had a low level of spread so far. At this stage, you can stop the spread of the virus by following the rules and taking responsibility for your duties. We have a great responsibility for the lives and health of people, so we must act decisively and with understanding,” the message reads.

Representatives of religious organizations and churches assured that the service can be held online, with the help of various technical devices or at the home of each person who believes, as well as without violating the law, since such measures are due to current events and the opposition to the spread of coronavirus.

In Ukraine, 16 cases of COVID-19 have already been recorded.