Live TV launches a project about unique UGCC parishes around the world

On Thursday, March 5, 2020, at 19.00 Live TV (Zhyve TV) starts showing films about special parishes of the UGCC, filmed in different parts of the world. The films were created as part of the “Vibrant Parish” series. This Thursday, you can watch a film about the parish of the Introduction of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Church in the city of North Port, in Florida (USA). This is reported by the UGCC Information Department.

The Greek Catholic parish in the city of North Port, Florida, is mainly composed of parishioners who are 70-90 years old, but it is one of the most “vibrant” parishes of the UGCC. Bishop Bogdan Daniel, the eparch of the Diocese of Parma, is fascinated by the activity of these people.

The rector of the parish, father Vasyl Petrov, notes that he likes working with such parishioners very much because their previous life experience gives him the opportunity to learn a lot. 

Most of all, they want the parish to grow and develop. 

You can watch the live broadcast on the Live TV Channel on YouTube or on the Live TV page on Facebook.

It is important to note that live parishes will be shown every Thursday. Next week, you can watch a film about the parish of St. Barbara in Vienna.