ISIS Claims Rare Attack in Algeria

11/24/2019 Algeria (International Christian Concern) – ISIS’ media outlet Amaq News Agency claimed a rare attack in Algeria on Thursday. This is the first time that ISIS has claimed an attack in Algeria since 2017. However, uncertainty circles both claims. In this latest incident, ISIS claimed that it had killed eight Algerian soldiers but no clarification from the government has been forthcoming.

Algeria is currently in a state of transition. Protests have been ongoing for months, and have only increased as the Dec. 12th presidential election approaches. The demonstrators reject any election that takes place while members of the ruling elite remain in place. They voice concerns that the process would not be fair under this circumstance.

The unstable political environment in Algeria could expose the country to attacks such as the one claimed by ISIS. Thankfully, Christians have not reported any violent attacks by Islamic extremists. However, the government is reasserting its authority over Christians by closing churches. Uncertainty about the political environment makes it challenging for Christians to seek justice in these types of cases. The Algerian government has failed to respond to international pressure that would allow Christians to exercise their full rights.