Christian from Columbia says she was healed while watching live broadcasting of Manmin Church

Deisy Paternina, 50, for the past 18 years, she had severe pain, anaemia and chronic fatigue due to a uterine tumor. Due to many reasons, she couldn’t get the surgery and had to live with the pain. She attended the Sunday services, Wednesday services, and Daniel prayer meetings through the YouTube live broadcasting of Colombia Manmin Church.

“I attended the special healing session in January through the YouTube live-broadcast. I received the prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee. A week later I had relief from pain. I was soon no longer anemic or tired. I was sure I was healed”, – said christian woman. – “In the special healing session for the February, Pastor Soojin Lee mentioned all the names of the diseases while she was praying. I said “Amen” when she mentioned ‘back pain’, and I experienced that the pain disappeared immediately. Nowadays, I am so healthy. I’m filled with energy, thanks and joy. Hallelujah!”

Manmin Central Church,