The Message of the Cross by Rev. Jaerock Lee distributed in Malaysia

One of the most popular books of senior pastor of Manmin Central Church, The Message of the Cross, has been published by MMP (Manmin Publishing) in Malaysia in Chinese.

The Message of the Cross was first published in 2002. It provides answers to questions often asked by Christians who are curious about things not directly addressed in the Bible. What was God the Creator like before the beginning of time? Why did God create man and let him live on this earth? Why did God place the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden? Why did God send His one and only Son as an atoning sacrifice? Why did God plan the providence of salvation through the rugged wooden cross? 

Today, Rev. Jaerock Lee’s books including Message of the Cross that talks about the providence of salvation through Jesus Christ have been translated into 61 languages, and a total of 464 titles are on sale through worldwide book sales networks.

Manmin Central Church,