The testimony of healing of plantar fasciitis

I used to have pain in the feet after waking up in the morning, but I didn’t take it seriously. From late 2018, the pain was so severe that my feet couldn’t support my weight. I couldn’t wear heels; I had to move around on my bottom.

The diagnosis was plantar fasciitis. Doctor said the soles were inflamed overall. I was in my daughter’s house at the time. She was living near Manmin Central Church. So, I attended the Manmin Prayer Center morning session, afternoon prayer meeting and Daniel Prayer Meetings.

From Jan. 2019 the Special Healing Sessions are held every month, and I always felt I wasn’t prepared enough to receive God’s answer. In the healing session in April as well, I thought I wasn’t ready, and I felt embarrassed even to sit on the seat designated for the sick people.

However, when pastor Soojin Lee was praying for the whole congregation, I was reminded of my shortcomings and not being changed by the word of God. I burst into tears of repentance.

And then, to my surprise, I was healed of my condition by God’s power. I could walk well even in heels. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father. I give deep thanks to my Lord who has redeemed me from my sins.

Hye-young Shim (age 57), Gumi, South Korea,