Southkorean church held Summer Bible School for Children

The 2019 Summer Bible School was held from July 28 through 30 by the Children’s Sunday School. Children from branch churches including Gumi, Daejeon, Masan, Sokcho, Jeonju, and Cheonan also took part. 

Pastor Soojin Lee delivered the message for the opening service. She said, “In order to partake in the glory of resurrection we have to believe the Lord resurrected and take after His example.”

Hyoseong Lee, 3rd grader, said, “I was sad that Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins while listening to the message. I thought I wanted to cast away evil and try harder to be a better person.”

Pastor Miyoung Lee led the Word of God and Prayer session on the 2nd day. The children felt the Lord’s love and gained hope of heaven. On the 3rd day, Seung-won Seo and Crystal Singers led the Praise and Worship session that let the children feel the happiness of heaven. 

Pastor Hyuk-hee Cho led a session looking up in the sky. There were various programs for various age groups, including a puppet show, quiz shows on different topics, “play with science”, sharing testimonies, mini Olympics, etc. 

All children of different groups joined together to partake in the Progress of Pilgrims. They took the cross and touched the crown of thorns for themselves, remember the love of the Lord. 

Chae-hwan Kim of Gumi Manmin Church said, “I was healed by Senior Pastor’s prayer when my arm broke and when I had a cold. It’s because Jesus was flogged and shed His blood. I learned the reason why Jesus was crucified through the Pilgrim’s Progress, and I could also feel the pains of Jesus more than before.”

Pastor Seongsik Jang of the Children’s Sunday School said, “God showed us a wonder from the 1st day of the Summer Bible School. He let it rain in advance to lower the temperature. He covered the sky with thick clouds and gave us cool breezes. Many teachers and pastors also prepared for this event with prayers and their dedication. Above all, I am thankful that many children felt the love of the Lord and they were happy about it.”

Manmin Central Church,