Iraqi Church Defaced by ISIS Rededicated

08/18/2019 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – When ISIS invaded the Iraqi Christian city of Qeraqosh in 2014, they destroyed every symbol of Christianity that they found. The Church of Mar Behnam and Mart Sarah was one of many which was destroyed. Repairs are slow, but the congregation was pleased to rededicate the church this past Thursday.

The dedication happened on a day special to the church. It comes as Iraq’s religious minorities commemorate the anniversary of when ISIS began their genocidal campaign. The particular day of dedication was also a feast day for the church, a time when their congregations gather and recall how earth is not the definitive homeland for Christians.

It strikes a deep resonance for Iraqi Christians, who have fled their country in massive waves over the past decade. War and absence of law has caused most Iraqi Christians to abandon their homes, and the few who remain struggle with all of the challenges of reconstruction and a lack of security. Persecution remains rampant, and it is hard for many Iraqi Christians to feel at home in their country. It is hoped that by rededicating the church, Christians will be encouraged to restart their lives in their ancestral homeland.