The testimony of healing of sudden deafness and Meniere disease

On May 8, 2019, I felt like my ears were blocked. I also had dizziness. After that, I began hearing the beep in my ears. When I had sudden dizziness, I had to lie down on my bed. It was difficult to carry out my daily life. I couldn’t even eat properly. 

I got a medical exam and the doctor said it was sudden deafness accompanied by Meniere disease. There was no cure for this, and I had to get treatments constantly. I gave thanks to God and prayed to let me realize what spiritual problem I had. I realized my faith life was only formality and my faithfulness was a fleshly one. I repented with tears. 

I attended the special healing prayer meeting held in Daejeon on June 20. Pastor Soojin Lee prayed for me. After the prayer, the beep in my ears disappeared, and I was sure of the divine healing. And actually all the symptoms were gone. Hallelujah!

Seonyeo Lim (55 old), Daejeon, South Korea,