The testimony of healing of frozen shoulder with excruciating pain

Since about a year ago, I began to have severe pain in my right shoulder. The pain so great that I couldn’t sleep well at night. It was very difficult just to raise my right arm. 

It got a diagnosis. It was frozen shoulder. I took acupuncture, but the pain only increased, so I stopped the treatment. I just bore the pain using pain relief patches. 

In early June, I heard there was going to be a special healing prayer meeting in Daejeon Manmin Church. I prepared myself to be healed by God, with prayers offered with all my heart and strength. 

In the prayer meeting on June 20, God poured down grace on me as I was so desperate. When I received the prayer with the handkerchief by Pastor Soojin Lee, I felt the twinges from my shoulder down to my arms, and the pain was gone. Since then, I have no problem at all. Hallelujah!

Now, I can move my right arm freely without any pain. I am so happy! I give all thanks and glory to God of love!

Eunhee Kim (47 years old), Daejeon, South Korea