Testimony of healing of depression and hearing impairment

I heard there was going to be a handkerchief meeting where divine healing works would take place this past May. I wanted to get healed and registered in Mongolia Manmin Church. 

I worked in a garment factory full of dust. My right eye kept on shedding tears, and my hearing was impaired after taking some wrong medicine. After my mother died 2 years ago, I was always depressed and lethargic. I avoided people and just stayed home all the time. 

However, I attended the handkerchief meeting in Ulaanbaatar Manmin Church on May 17. Pastor Miyoung Lee prayed with the powerful handkerchief, and something amazing happened to me. I felt hot all over the body and I could hear sound through my right ear. When we had a meeting with Pastor Miyoung Lee the next day, I could hear better. The shedding tears from my right eye also stopped. 

In addition, when receiving the prayer, my hands began to shake vigorously and I fell regardless of my will. I felt evil spirit leaving me at that moment. From that time on, I could look others in the eye and the shaking of the body also disappeared. Hallelujah!

My physical condition is great. I can hear very clearly. My mind is at peace. I go out and talk with other people and have fun. My life was like living in hell but now I feel like I’m in heaven. 

I have been healed and my husband Ghanberga also received better sight in his left eye. Now I am convinced God is really alive and He is the true God. My family is happy by the love of the Lord. I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me.

Bayarsaihang (age 42), Mongolia Manmin Church