Pastor from Jakarta hopes all Indonesian Churches will be like Southkorean church “Manmin”

I hope all Indonesian churches will be like Manmin Central Church that loves God, said Adrian Saroinson, pastor of Bethlehem church in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Manmin Central Church has spiritual transformation through faith and holiness, it is a church where all who worship there can be blessed regardless of the denomination, explained minister after attending pastor’s seminar in Seul, South Korea, which Manmin Central Church held in early May.

Pastor Saroinson serves to a church while teaching the gospel to children and students of various churches. He mentors a few churches and also aids American pastors who are ministering in Jakarta. His wife and 3 sons are all ministers, too. 

He and 123 other Indonesian pastors attended a seminar in early May.

«We heard from the speaker Pastor Soojin Lee about the secret of Manmin Church’s revival and the reason why Jesus Christ is the only Savior. We were filled with the Holy Spirit and it was a chance to increase our faith. I could feel the presence of the Lord,» – explained Adrian Saroinson. – I am thankful for this seminar, and I hope all Indonesian churches will be like Manmin Central Church that loves God.»

In particular the minister added that he has been amazed by the video about the power of God manifested in the international ministry of the church. He was surprised to learn that the senior pastor conducted a crusade in the Islam nation of Pakistan. And he would like to repeat that to Indonesia that has the greatest Muslim population in the world to have a crusade. 

«In the Sunday morning service, we received a prayer for the sick, and I felt the fullness of the Spirit coming upon everyone,» – he concludes. «I hope all the Indonesian pastors will become powerful ministers and win many souls. May God’s love and blessings be with you always!»

Manmin Central Church,