The testimony: “God restored my marriage and saved my family”

I got married to a Vietnamese woman in 2004, but we often argued because of communication problems and cultural differences. My wife was young and she ran away from home when she could not stand it anymore. In 2006, I started to look for a church that offers Vietnamese translation service for her and we registered in Manmin Central Church. I witnessed countless powerful works there and at that same time I myself experienced something amazing.

During winter in 2013, I was driving my truck with my five-year-old son Hyunwoo in the passenger seat. Suddenly the door opened and he fell and rolled on the road. To make matters worse, a bus following my truck ran above him. However, he was protected between the wheels, and not hurt at all!

After the incident, my wife and I started to change. As she began to pray, she treated me in a gentle manner. She said she learned it from sermons and from many Manmin female members serving their husbands. As I saw her change, I came to think that she must have been troubled by her opinionated and picky husband and I felt so sorry for her. I began to help her with house chores.

In February 2015, Senior Pastor said we must keep the vow that we made before God. Then, my vow to God popped in my mind. I made a vow 13 years ago, while attending another church, that I would give the tithe if my apartment was sold. I did not keep the vow even after it was sold.

I gave the tithe over the period of eleven months. Even though I gave God what I should have given, He blessed my workplace from the following month. I used to earn 4.7 to 4.8 million won from quick delivery service with my small truck but I came to make 5.8 to 6.6 million won.

With a grateful heart for God’s grace and in repentance for my past life, I joined Manmin Volunteer Group. God keeps giving me blessings as I enjoy helping others in need.

My wife Riu is a leader of Vietnamese Cell and interprets the worship service into Vietnamese. She recovered good eyesight and was healed of numbness of her arms and fingers. It is by all God’s grace that my family that was ‘on the rocks’ turned into a blessed ‘nest’. I give all thanks and glory to God.

Sangki Baek, age 62, Seul, South Korea

Manmin Central Church,