The testimony of healing of uterine cancer and degenerative arthritis

When I was in China, my mother and sister, who attend Manmin Central Church, tried to evangelize me. In 2011, I registered in the church online. It was hard to get Muan Sweet Water in China. When I applied a little bit of the water left in a cup, I got double eye lids! I felt amazed and happy.

In March 2012, I had a continuous discharge of blood. In the hospital I was diagnosed with last stage uterine cancer. The doctor told me that I should have uterus removal surgery. My mother heard about it and offered up fasting and prayer. And she asked for Senior Pastor’s prayer. He prayed for me on the altar and, by receiving prayer on GCN, I was healed of uterine cancer.

In September 2013, I moved to Korea. As I started to lead my Christian life in Manmin Central Church, I was healed of degenerative arthritis that caused great trouble for the last 20 years. I give all thanks to God who planted faith in me by getting double eye lids through Muan Sweet Water.

Youngja Park, age 52, Seul, South Korea

Manmin Central Church,