ICC Brings Clean Water to Christians Displaced by ISIS

04/21/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – ISIS invaded Qaraqosh in 2014, resulting in the displacement of most of the Christians living in the area. Families are beginning to return home now that the city has been liber­ated from ISIS. However, returning to the city is a challenge because much of the city’s infra­structure was destroyed during the invasion.

Clean water is a major concern for the inhabitants. Currently, water is sourced from Mosul, but it is dirty and inconsistent. Additionally, officials in Mosul will cut off water in Qaraqosh first if there is a shortage. We helped develop a well at a local school in Qaraqosh that can serve both the student population of over 200 and the broader com­munity. Hope is being renewed among believ­ers throughout Qaraqosh as their hometown is slowly being restored.