Testimony: “God healed me of deafness and set free from pains of cancer!”

I had meningitis when I was 3, and due to high fever I lost my hearing. Obviously it was hard because communication was not easy even with my family. My parents tried all hospitals to get my hearing back, but no doctor could help me. 

In 2005, I got tumors in my breast. It was cancerous. The pain was so severe and I had to take very strong medicine for a long period of time. However, the pain didn’t go away. In 2011, the condition deteriorated. The cancer cells metastasized to the back of my neck. It was difficult to move the neck, and the pain was excruciating. 

The doctor said it was very difficult to treat this tumor, and 80% of the chance I’d die soon. My husband was heart-broken, too, and yet he helped me in everything. 

Feeling the love of God and Jesus Christ 

Meanwhile I heard from my acquaintance Meifrio Hansen about the powerful works of God taking place through the prayer of senior pastor of Manmin Central Church. In April 2016, I registered in Penang Manmin Deaf Church on the Internet. 

I was very surprised to see and hear the testimonies of so many people who were healed by prayers. When I heard the testimony of a cancer being healed, I tried to find a way to be healed as well. 

Just before the Manmin Summer Retreat in 2017, the Senior Pastor said, “You have to read The Message of the Cross to receive the answer of God.” Reading this book that contains the providence of salvation through Jesus Christ, I realized the love of God who sent Jesus to this earth. I began giving the tithes and attended all worship services and Daniel prayer meeting to prepare for the Retreat. 

Hearing in Right Ear Came Back 

Finally, in August 2017, I attended the Manmin Summer Retreat with my husband. The power of God was just amazing. Seeing so many people getting healed of various incurable diseases, I gained hope that I could be healed, too. Then, I felt my right ear was different. There was a ringing noise and then I felt the hearing was coming back. Hallelujah!

I couldn’t understand everything, but just the fact that I could hear with my ear overwhelmed me, and I felt like my heart was going to burst.

Furthermore, the cancer condition in my neck also improved! I was happy that I also became a witness of the power of God. I wanted to be healed of my cancer completely in the summer retreat of 2018, so I prepared for it for the whole year, praying every day. 

Hearing in Left Ear Revived and Cancer Healed

On August 2, 2018, I came to Manmin Central Church to attend the Summer Retreat. I was going into the sanctuary to attend the Daniel prayer meeting, and at that moment I experienced God’s work. I could hear with my right ear much better. 

After the seminar on the 1st night of the retreat on Aug. 6, Pastor Soojin Lee prayed with the handkerchief. I felt something like fire was covering my body from the back. Then, I felt my left ear was opened. I could also move my neck freely that I couldn’t move due to the cancer. The pain was gone, too! Now the senses in both ears were alive! Hallelujah!

Now, I can hear the noises and I can hear somebody talking behind me, too. Furthermore, I’ve been set free from the pain of the metastasized cancer in the neck! I can go anywhere I want. My husband is happy. My mother is also telling me I became so happy since I began to go to church. My conditions are getting better every day, and now I am helping my husband with his work. All these are the works of God!

With my gratitude for the grace of God, I volunteer to translate the sign language services and Daniel prayer meetings into German sign language every night. I give all thanks and glory to God for healing me of cancer and giving me the hope of the kingdom of heaven. Hallelujah!

Rebecca Barbara Vollath (Age 50, Germany)

Manmin Central Church, manmin.org