The testimony of healing of Amblyopia, a Chronic Headache, and Poor Eyesight

In my early twenties, while I was working on fixing a car, a welding flame flew up on my right eye. From then, my eye vision was failing. When I looked into the distance, it often looked like the air was shimmering in my right eye. It caused me to have a severe headache. My left eye was also failing so my eye sight was 0.8/0.2.

I had to wear eye glasses when I drove. The difference of the both eyes’ vision caused me to have a headache. It was hard for me to focus on something including reading books. When it got dark, it was even harder to see.

I really wanted to be healed of it. In August 2016, during Summer Retreat, I received a prayer for the sick with longing and was given faith that my eyesight would improve. Afterwards, I was offering up worship service as usual but the captions on the monitor looked very clear unlike before. I came to see well even at night.

On October 21, my eye vision test showed my eyesight had improved to 1.2/0.7. I give all thanks and glory to God.

The eyesight improved from 0.8/0.2 to 1.2/0.7

Seongkyu Kim, age 46, Manmin Central Church, (Seul, South Korea)