The testimony of healing of infertility

In April 2014, I got married at a later age. But I had a problem; I wanted to have a baby but I couldn’t. In May 2015, I had salpingography and it showed that both of my Fallopian tubes were blocked. I went to a famous clinic and took oriental medicine but there was no difference. In December of the same year, my husband and I received a prayer. But as it seemed that I didn’t conceive a baby at the moment, so soon after it I returned to other methods.

In late 2016, I went to a laparoscopic surgery specialist in a big hospital and had a test to check ovarian function. I was diagnosed with ovarian failure, which caused chances of natural pregnancy to be under 10% although everything else was normal. I thought about giving it up but I felt sorry for my parents-in-law. From then, I finally started to pray for the opening of my womb.

In early May 2017, my husband and I were offering up family service with fasting hoping for the blessing of conception. I was given grace to repent thoroughly and shed a lot of tears with thanks. I repented that I had not believed the powerful prayer of Senior Pastor I had led a Christian life for a long time, witnessed and heard his powerful works, and even experienced it. 

A month later, my period was due, but it didn’t start. I had the pregnancy test and it was positive! I shed tears of thanks endlessly. I felt so thankful to lead my believing life in this church. On June 15, it was confirmed in an obstetrics and gynecology hospital. The doctor said, “You are six-weeks pregnant. You may hear the heartbeat.” My husband and I are so happy because of the God-given present. I give all thanks and glory to God who blessed us both in spirit and body.

Yuna Park, 45, Seul, South Korea

Manmin Central Church,