The testimony: “My car fell from a 3m cliff, but God protected me!”

On December 29, 2016, while I was moving my car in a parking lot in front of a quiet Korean restaurant located in Euiwang City in Gyeonggi-do, my car fell from a 3m-cliff. Not knowing the gear was in reverse, I stepped on the accelerator. My car ran backwards fast and broke the fence and fell from the cliff, and flipped upside down. It happened in a moment.

After the accident, I received a prayer by the help of the people with me and was moved to a university hospital nearby. I had my head and neck checked through CT and X-ray scans, and they revealed I had no problem. Since I was just re-parking the car in another place I did not wear a seat belt, so the part below my right eye brow was torn and I had to wear a neck support. But I recovered quickly and took the support off in three days, and fulfilled my God-given duty as usual.

If a car turns over from a three-meter cliff, the driver usually gets severely injured in the head, neck, and back because the car windows are shattered and the roof is totally crushed. But my body was not hurt because the space for me remained even though my car turned over. I feel amazed whenever I think about it.

I give thanks to God who protected me in the Lord’s love and the shepherd’s space.

Soyoung Cho, age 46, Seul, South Korea

Manmin Central Church,